In honor of Spotify’s Wrapped and all the other year-end reports, Vehr team members share the apps we can’t get enough of … and that likely have a lot of data on us!

Jackie: My 4-year-old loves the Yoto player (kid-friendly story machine). He receives physical cards each month that are instantly saved to the app, where we can control how long he listens and even record our own stories.

Karen: I visit the New York Times app seven days a week, several times a day. Specifically, my day just doesn’t get off to the right start without visiting the Games section of the NYT app, as well as the Times’ crossword-specific related app. As a lifelong word nerd, I hit the Spelling Bee and Wordle games first, followed by the mini crossword and traditional crosswords. Then I work the Sudoku plus the visual matching game Tiles as well as Vertices, a drawing game with a logic component.

Laura: While not my most used app, Life360 is the one I find most useful. It tracks my family’s cell phone locations, letting me know when I need to head to the pickup spot to meet the soccer carpool or reassuring me no one is in the traffic accident making the news. It will be an anxiety-reducer when my 15-year-old gets his license. (Glad this wasn’t around when I was that age!)

Stacy: I am loving the Copper app, which allows me to upload books (with the cover art as the picture) to a “want to read list.” The visuals inspire me, and it’s a much better organization system than screen shots, article links and book lists saved on my phone.

Tammy: I probably spend the most time on the BODi app. It’s on-demand streaming fitness, nutrition, and mindset. I stream all my workouts through it, and look up recipes and share progress with teammates through the app.