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Xtek Brand Refresh and Acquisition Strategy

From house of brands to branded house. Xtek partnered with Vehr to create a new brand architecture for its divisions and acquired companies, along with a refreshed brand identity and guidelines for the latest addition to the Xtek family.

SORTA Communications Planning & Implementation

A regional game-changer: Hamilton County citizens approved better funding for SORTA in 2020. As SORTA began the Reinventing Metro transformation, it tasked Vehr to help it communicate to varied audiences — about the service improvements, themselves, and the ROI of public transit.

Vehr’s global communication platform >
Learn about IPREX and Vehr’s 1,100 colleagues in agencies in over 100 markets worldwide.

Brand Promise with Nick Vehr

Brand Promise with Nick Vehr >
We believe a brand is a promise. In this podcast, Nick holds conversations with leaders who develop, manage and protect brands.

Crisis Communications

Bringing Clarity to Complex Issues >
Issues of great consequence require expert communication. Simply put, we get the tough calls.

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The Monthly Binge: Laura Phillips

President and Partner Laura Phillips shares her favorite news source, plans to trap the heat and hope for mild enough temperatures to drive with windows down.