Fall is right around the corner, and you know what that means: football! For this month’s binge, we’re sharing our favorite tailgate foods for football games or, heck, even soccer or basketball games.

Nick: The tailgate troika for me is convenient and handheld, even if a bit messy (which some might consider as a tailgate requirement and not be wrong): chicken wings and Skyline dip served with a healthy side of Fritos Scoops! (party size, of course).

Laura: I’m covering a whole category and declaring anything dip-related a ‘win’ for my tailgate binge — pretzels dipped in beer cheese; wings dipped in bleu cheese; or just about anything dipped in guacamole, hummus, spinach-artichoke dip or ranch dressing.

Karen: The best part of tailgating is wandering around seeing the commotion and talking to friends, so it has to be portable. Enter the “walking taco” — open an individual-size bag of Fritos (or a party-size bag, who am I to judge?); dump taco meat, cheese and toppings into it; stick a fork in it; and you’re done.

Will: I’m a sucker for any smoked or grilled meats but have a hankering for buffalo wings come every football season.

And speaking of Buffalo wings, an alternative opinion …

Tammy: I don’t have a favorite tailgate treat, but we do plenty of snacks for football games — so, lots of fun, snacky food, but we change it up every week. Of course, as a Buffalo, New York, native, I only eat wings in Buffalo, so that doesn’t happen often.