Now that the weather has seemingly turned the corner, here’s where you can find Team Vehr:

Jackie: We stock our fridge with popsicles and sit on the porch after dinner with our kids.

Sarah: If water makes up 100% of my soul, it should come as no surprise that summer is my time to shine. In my free time these next few months, you’ll find me poolside and surfing on the Great Miami River. As for land activities – you can count on me walking my dog, Roxy Darlin’, and taking in some of my niece and nephews’ sporting activities.

Stacy: Digging in the garden – my happy place. Forever with dirt under my fingernails in spring and summer.

Nick: Vehr Family “Annual Summer Staycation Days” are typically built around hikes and activities in local parks and recreation facilities. From Glenwood Gardens to Sharon Woods, Winton Woods, Cincinnati parks and recreation facilities and more, three generations of Vehr family members create memories from our experiences outdoors.

Tammy: While I love sitting on my deck and reading, I’m currently binging rowing on the Great Miami River. My daughter and I both joined the Great Miami Rowing Center this spring and are loving learning how to sweep and scull.