The start of a new school year is on the horizon. What school supplies — or office supplies, if that’s what excites you — are you binging?

Stacy: I am happy just looking at all the new school supplies … so much promise, a fresh start! I’m a particular sucker for notebooks with cool covers and pens (though nothing beats my favorite pen, the Pentel gel needle tip).

Grace: I agree with Tom Hanks: Newly sharpened pencils are something to get excited about!

Sarah: I’ve always loved a good Post-It note. In fact, my desk used to be covered in them, and my late grandpa knew it all too well. He was notorious for saying to me, “I have something important to tell you. Are you ready to write it down?”

Karen: My 6-year-old grandson has recently discovered the iconic skateboarding shoe/apparel brand Vans, so I’m buying him a Vans backpack, lunchbox and slip-on kicks. He tells me they’re “bussin!”