Vehr team members share the things they’re loving — from apps to playlists, games to movies and more. This month, President & Partner Laura Phillips shares her favorite news source, her plans to trap the heat this winter and her hope for mild enough temperatures to drive with the windows down.

Winter growing: For years, cold temperatures outside meant an abundance of tropical plants inside the Phillips’ house. While I am a fan of bringing nature indoors, I’ve never liked the random foliage occupying space in front of windows throughout our house. So, this winter we’re trying something new and purchased a greenhouse. In additional to cultivating our pool plants for seven months, I plan use the climate-controlled structure to grow vegetables. My husband and I are now trying to learn everything we can on transplanting, seeding and harvesting. We’re thinking it’s too early to take veggie requests from friends and family. Maybe next year.

All things soccer: I love reading, singing along to every song on the radio (and getting most of the words right) and binge watching a streaming series in a weekend. But life as of late limits me from enjoying these indulgences. There’s not enough time in the day, and my 15-year-old doesn’t appreciate my car concerts when his buddies are in the backseat. So, my life currently revolves around soccer. Watching soccer. Carpooling for soccer. Traveling for soccer. Planning dinner and vacations around soccer. Fortunately, I love all things soccer … except the smelly carpool.

An algorithm-free news experience: Many years ago, someone turned me onto an incredible news source called theSkimm, a daily, subscription-only newsletter that summarizes the top headlines around the country and the world in an unbiased, simple and easy-to-read format. The Daily Skimm appears in my inbox each morning, and the clever writing is both entertaining and informative, covering topics that range from global relations to pop culture. The outlet’s growth in popularity has led to a podcast, robust online news channel and an app, too.