In our new monthly feature, Vehr team members share the things they’re loving ⁠— from apps to playlists, games to movies and more. This month, Account Executive Sarah Cook agrees to play along:

I’m a Netflixaholic

It’s true. Like so many others, I pulled the plug on cable several years ago. Netflix became my best friend. There’s nothing quite like finding a new (or new to you) show with several seasons to binge.If you know, you know.

One of my most recent guilty pleasures came as a surprise. Let’s be clear: I have never been into the whole zombie thing. I don’t get the draw.

So, when I found myself glued to “The Walking Dead,” even I was surprised. It’s hard to not find yourself pulling for the likes of Hershel Greene and even Shiva or admiring the details behind the props, makeup and costumes.

I can’t wait for the final season to drop on Netflix!

Good Vibes Only

If you know me, you know I live and breathe Beach Boys music. Their songs make up a good 90% of my iPod playlist (yes, I still own an iPod).

You’ll find their branded apparel in my closet, not to mention books about them in my living room. I even own “The Beach Boys’ Christmas Album” on vinyl. Funny, since I don’t own a record player 😉.

Oh, and if they’re ever playing anywhere in or near Cincinnati, it goes without saying ⁠— you’ll more than likely spot me in the crowd. I already have two dates on my calendar this summer!

I think John Stamos (yes, good ole’ Uncle Jesse) captured their draw best when he said, “I call it heart music. You don’t have to think about it. It bypasses the brain and goes straight to your heart.”

Virtual Budgeting

If you glance at my cell, you won’t find many apps. You will, though, spot EveryDollar. It’s one of the few I do have. I use it to budget and track my expenses. It’s a great tool for anyone who is highly organized like me. Oh, and it’s free ⁠— music to my ears!