Vehr team members share the things they’re loving — from apps to streaming services and much, much more. This month, our owner and CEO, Nick Vehr, shares just a bit about how technology, media and apps have improved to his life and have enabled him to avoid bad weather (while relying heavily on his team):

Streaming Mystery Comedy-Drama TV Series about a Podcast:  At home, we recently made the switch from cable to Hulu. That was a big home technology leap for me. It was also an eye-opener in terms of available content. Sometime in season one of Only Murders in the Building, I recall being comfortably settled in my space in my living room watching a piece of hardware push content to me and my wife through a streaming service about three remarkable characters played by Steve Martin (Charles), Martin Short (Oliver) and Selena Gomez (Mabel). These three were collaborating in sometimes hysterical, full-belly-laugh kind of ways to solve a murder mystery in their swanky NYC apartment while publishing a podcast about doing so. There are lots of layers, each more surprising and revealing than the other. The writing and acting are top shelf. After my wife and I had finished season one, and to prepare before the release of season two, technology enabled us to binge on season one again just to be better dialed-in for season two. It worked. Season two did not disappoint.

I marvel at the volume of content available because of remarkable advancements in technology and how much actually comes into our home through the content delivery device we all affectionately and symbolically still refer to as a television.

I sure hope there’s a season three of Murders. Anyway, I am still adjusting to the streaming service made accessible through ROKU and how to decide between Hulu, HBO Max, Netflix, Disney+, Disney Kids, ESPN+ and, what seems like, a zillion more. Sometimes I still get frustrated when I just want to watch TV. I’ll get there.

Weather App Addiction:  There must be hundreds of weather apps to choose from. I have become addicted to AccuWeather only because it seems to have been organized in much the same way as my brain. I just feel as if I am in control of something, anything, when I can respond quickly and affirmatively to questions — mostly from my wife — about the weather. Even better, I can actually track weather systems on radar and assess whether I have enough time to walk the dog before the next downpour. I am not sure my addiction is healthy, but it sure is empowering.

Others’ Expertise:  I am in awe of my colleagues at work. It seems to me, at times, that they all know infinitely more than I do about social and digital media. Yes, I am older than all of them and I know I am a digital immigrant. At the same time, sometimes I just sit and listen and marvel at what they actually do know. I think I could learn much of it if I had to but, I don’t. Phew!