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Vehr is an integrated marketing agency that delivers the most efficient and effective brand-building strategies, content and communications to support leading consumer and b2b companies, public entities and nonprofit organizations. We think deeply, create boldly and engage completely to help our clients succeed.

Artificial intelligence (AI): Marketing friend or foe?

A recent presentation by our intern, Haley Fite, gave us a peek at the expanding role of artificial intelligence (AI) in marketing, here’s a recap of what she had to say.

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Welcome our newest team member, Haley Fite

The E.W. Scripps Company and Vehr Communications have partnered to give one lucky intern a truly unique summer experience with the Cincinnati Strategic Communications Leadership Program. Today, we introduce you to the newest member of our team: Haley Fite.

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Tips for a less cringe-worthy end to 2017

We’ve sucked in our breath more than a few times since the ball dropped on 2016, and with that in mind we’ve rounded up our agency’s best tips for a better end to 2017. Read them, learn them, hope you never need them, but please – keep them top of mind. May the Fourth be with you.

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When Pepsi fizzled

A quick look at Pepsi’s demographics in this recent Fortune article shows that both Pepsi and Coke are having trouble reaching millennials. Pepsi much more so than Coke. So Pepsi needs those consumers so it can stay viable and relevant. That need drove some big assumptions and what was clearly a fatal leap in logic.

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