Or better yet, it’s very focused on where your mouth is … it needs to be behind a mask!

Actions speak louder than words. And boy did Uber take action by building mask verification technology, its new way to ensure that all riders and drivers are wearing facial coverings when “Ubering.”

If a rider is flagged for not wearing a mask, they will have to take a selfie donning their mask in the app. The app will be able to detect that a mask is in place before their next ride. Likewise, drivers also must verify their mask within the app before they can start accepting trips. (This feature was launched in May.)

A little “big brother” — yes! Also a genius, big idea — yes!

Masks are mandatory in cities around the world. Businesses post signage stating, “masks required,” yet many businesses only are loosely enforcing it, if at all. The job of “mask enforcer” shouldn’t fall on the 19-year-old cashier or barista.

Uber is taking the job of “mask enforcer” off its drivers’ shoulders while also taking a big, bold step to help ensure drivers and riders are protected by underscoring the safety measures recommended by health experts.

Uber’s reputation is less than stellar, and its treatment of employees (are drivers even considered employees yet?) has been under scrutiny for years. Despite having failing grades in these areas, Uber is a household name with more than 75 million active Uber riders across the world and a more-than-70-percent share of rideshare spending.

Leading-edge technology — coupled with its focus on transportation as a service, not a product — keeps Uber out in front. With the introduction and strong stance the company has taken with mask verification, Uber is using its tech savviness to lead in a new, purposeful way as it vows to “protect one another.”

As Uber announced the feature’s availability on September 24, it also revealed that it had removed the access of more than 1,250 riders since its “No Mask, No Ride” policy was put into effect in May.

Uber just earned an “A” for saying what it means and meaning what it says.