Nick Vehr

About Nick Vehr

Nick Vehr founded Vehr Communications in 2007. Today, the company is recognized as one of this region’s leading integrated communications firms. It has been awarded “Best PR Agency” designation by the local PRSA chapter and has been recognized for client work by the local AMA chapter. Nick understands that organizations must think strategically, plan effectively, execute flawlessly and communicate aggressively to build, preserve and protect their brand and grow market share. Vehr Communications is a member of IPREX, a $350 million network of communication agencies, with 1,800 staff and 115 offices and more than 30 countries worldwide. Currently, Nick is president of the Americas region of IPREX and serves on the organization’s global board. One of Cincinnati’s great cheerleaders, Nick has led or is currently active in numerous initiatives to enable his home town to compete more effectively for talent and recognition. Nick’s passion outside of work and his community is his family.

What makes a great “PR” firm?

It matters little to me whether PR as a term survives. It matters greatly that we continue to operate and grow on a foundation of courage, curiosity, empathy and integrity and remain flexible enough to meet the needs of our clients.

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We walked a little taller that day

The Goering Center Award is about things that we all take very seriously.

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