Companies put a lot of effort into research and development of new product taglines, ideas and advertising. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it goes wrong.

With social media creating a 24/7 stream of responses, companies know instantaneously if their new idea is a success, horribly offensive or a hilarious fail.

The most recent, and hilarious, in my opinion, is a new advertising campaign by Dove promoting its new body wash packaging.

Dove is known for featuring models of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities in its advertising in a successful effort to relate to its customer base.

The question is: How far is too far when trying to relate to your customers?

Dove answered this question with its “Real Beauty Bottles” campaign.

View the ad here:

That’s right, Dove created bottles of various shapes and sizes to represent the various shapes and sizes of the women who use their products.

I just have one question: What was the goal?

As a PR pro, I try to think strategically about what lies behind the commercial and what went through the minds of the creators and the executives who approved it.

Do they want people to buy the shape that represents them? Do they want everyone to feel represented? Is there equal product in each bottle? How functional are some of the bottles (because their shapes suggest they would be difficult to use)?

I wasn’t the only one with questions and quirky remarks. Just check out what the twitterverse had to say:











I’m sure that Dove’s people did the research they needed to in order to back up their idea. The research probably showed that young women are interested in inclusivity, but as we’ve learned from Pepsi, sometimes the data fails you.