Karen Bells

About Karen Bells

Everyone has a story worth telling, and Karen is just the person to tell it. In her 20-plus years as a news editor, reporter and columnist, she interviewed people from all walks of life –accountants to zoologists, high school band directors to rock stars – and teased the interesting details from their lives to weave into compelling stories.

Karen applies that same philosophy to brands, companies, nonprofits and government entities: Like people, they all have a story to tell. The trick is to create messages that matter and get results. To that end, Karen is a skilled listener and researcher with significant experience working with metrics-driven clients and a former business journalist’s attention to ROI and measurement.

In addition to working for large media outlets in Vermont, Virginia, Ohio and Florida, Karen has held roles in communications for a financial corporation as well as several integrated PR/advertising/marketing agencies. She has overseen content strategy and execution for a global analytics company, including case studies, research reports, media relations, executive ghostwriting and industry positioning.

There are two things Karen knows for certain: Look for the heart in any situation – it will provide direction even more clearly than the metrics, statistics or current kerfuffle. And never trust anyone who doesn’t like “Goodfellas.”