In this season of growth, it’s a good time to brush up on the technical skills that can optimize your marketing performance. Here’s a list of our favorite online training resources that only cost a few hours.

Master the Googleverse

Google offers a wide array of marketing resources, and you can master them all here. Whether you’re jumping into YouTube advertising or just looking to brush up on your Google Analytics know-how, these resources have you covered.

Become a website wizard with WordPress

These free resources will teach you how to make simple updates to your WordPress website and offers helpful tips in SEO, design and content marketing.

Figure out LinkedIn advertising

Who said LinkedIn advertising was just for recruiting new hires? These free trainings will teach you how to increase brand awareness, drive conversations, and develop a robust marketing strategy — all through LinkedIn.

Earn your Facebook credentials

Whether you’re a small business, educator, agency or student, Facebook’s extensive library of learning resources holds all the answers. Digital marketers looking to stand out should consider putting their expertise to the test with Facebook Blueprint certification exams.

Get Snapchat-Savvy

Snapchat’s marketing capabilities go far beyond sponsored filters. Learn the fundamentals of Snapchat marketing and earn your Snapchat Ads Manager Certification here.