I am always amazed and impressed by smart, talented and experienced colleagues. I turn to them in tough times. They always deliver. They never disappoint.

In a recent blog post, the CEO of our Minneapolis IPREX partner (Tunheim), shared some wise words about a concept every small business owner knows and understands — versatility (please see below for a description of IPREX or click here to learn more).

It’s clear that none of us has lived through a time like now. Whether the COVID-19 pandemic or the complex issues of racial inequality and injustice, 2020 has been a whopper of a year for most businesses. Add to that western wildfires and southeastern hurricanes and flooding and it feels like half our country is burning while the other half is under water.

This is all happening during one of the most divisive presidential elections in U.S. history. Friends and family members, not to mention those who don’t even know each other, seem to have chosen sides with their backs to the wall. Relationships are being strained.

The same goes for any company’s most important relationships, be they with customers, employees, communities or other key stakeholders. Most professional communicators realize this and know that we’ll never go back to normal. I quote my Tunheim colleague here because she’s right on point:

Some things will have changed forever because the opportune moment has passed: the number of unrealized 2020 moments for achievements in business, sports, entertainment and arts cannot be calculated. We have to just let go of those aspirations. Sad, but true.

Some things will change forever because the agile among us have already started innovating, feeding our insatiable appetites for ‘new and improved.’”

It is not hyperbole to say that today is no time for the meek. Success in 2020, and setting a new foundation for after, requires strong core values, self-awareness, unwavering confidence, courage and, yes, versatility.

These are some of the same characteristics any consumer will find today in a most cherished brand. Businesses will find much the same in a creative and dependable supplier.

When considering a marketing or corporate communications partner, a team that can help with strategy, messaging, creative, social and digital media including all forms of content development, I’d suggest that versatility is one of the most important attributes for which to look.

2020 may be the most important year any of us will ever experience because it will challenge us to be better, smarter, more innovative and, yes, versatile.

Has it been hard — you bet. Will it get easier — unlikely. Will it make you a better competitor — no doubt.

Is it worth it — 100%.



Click here to read Kathy Tunheim’s blogpost of September 15, 2020 titled, “What is your versatility score?”

About IPREX: IPREX is a global communications platform of 89 agencies and affiliates with nearly 2,000 professional staff members spanning 118 cities in 55 countries around the world. Vehr is a leading member of IPREX and its exclusive Cincinnati member. Nick Vehr served on its global board and as President of the Americas region. Currently, Vehr Communication’s President, Laura Phillips, serves on its global board.