Many brands spend more time updating their social channels than their website content. A common question is “does having a strong social presence help SEO”? The answer is well, sort of.

Google says it does not consider social media when it comes to search rankings, meaning there isn’t a dotted line between having a Facebook page and your website’s placement on the search engine results page. However, sharing links to articles on Facebook can affect your SEO.

Here’s how – you share a piece of high-quality content via social. Your friends and followers link to your content on their websites or blog. Assuming these websites are high-quality, the inbound links to your content send a signal to Google that when external websites link to your content, inbound links are created. Inbound links to a piece of content signal that this particular piece of content is helpful to readers.

You can improve overall SEO by promoting your online content via social in hopes it gets shared and clicked on by friends and fans. The increased site activity may help elevate the position within search results of a new piece of content.