Stacy Delk

About Stacy Delk

With two decades of agency experience serving consumer and B2B companies in industries such as building products, architecture, food service, retail and entertainment, Stacy knows strong brands have one thing in common: they form and foster relationships that matter. A serial home improver and former farm girl who loves nothing more than to roll up her sleeves and get to work, Stacy helps brands dig deep by asking the right questions, exploring the options and collaborating on engagement strategies such as content marketing, social media engagement, employee and customer communications, community relations, special event creation and crisis counsel. Stacy is a member of Vehr’s senior leadership and marketing teams and holds a certification from HubSpot in Inbound Methodology. Prior to joining Vehr, Stacy served as counselor at a Cincinnati-based advertising agency and as a former executive counselor/consumer practice group lead at a local public relations firm.

Think your dashboard holds all the answers?

While marketing dashboard metrics are critical and should be reviewed regularly, we’d provide greater value to our organizations if we look at them in the context of the larger business environment and explore all the possible nuances that took us from A to B.

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Earning brand ambassadors on social media

Way too many companies, even those filled with caring, engaged employees, are automated when it comes to customer service on social media.

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