Are your images optimized for search?

You’ve meticulously researched, written, edited and optimized your blog and website copy, but have you taken the same care with your images? Images – if correctly tagged – can play a big role in prospect conversion.

First, ensure the image file name is descriptive (rather than “image 1” or IMG1231) and incorporates your keyword(s).

Second, make sure an image alt attribute is added to an image tag. The alt attribute should provide specific detail on what the image is about (ideally using your keyword) which in turn allows a search engine to find it and include it in a topical image gallery. Tagged images also elevate the overall webpage content and increases the likelihood it appears in relevant search queries.

Don’t fret if your page has hundreds of images – focus on those that provide the reader the most value and that could stand on their own as a piece of content.

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