Happy Valentine’s Day: May all your relationships be true

Call us sentimental. Think of us as romantics. Throw in a pinch of outright passion. Wow! Do we love Valentine’s Day.

This tradition, dating back to the 14thcentury, speaks to us at Vehr Communications. You see, from a marketing and communications perspective, what we do for our clients is all about relationships, and relationships are the secret ingredient to business success.

That’s right, few, if any, businesses have achieved year-over-year success without establishing and maintaining relationships with their customers, employees, communities, vendors, suppliers, investors … you name it. If they are a key to your success, you need to show them some love.

Please read colleague Suzanne Buzek’s recent blog post titled “A look into healthy audience engagement #relationshipgoals.” As she shares:

“If your product stinks, consumers won’t buy it. Similarly, in the age of product reviews and the over-documentation and sharing of experiences, if there’s the possibility of consumers (especially conscious millennial and Gen Z buyers) sniffing out gross organizational dysfunction, poor quality or customer experience, or hints of exploited resources or labor, they won’t purchase from — let alone engage with — a brand.”

It’s not all about customers, however. Sometimes, it’s about managing relationships with your co-workers.

Colleague Lewis Fugeman’s recent blog post titled “The five languages you should be learning” explores the importance and nuance to communications in the workplace. He asks us to consider:

“We have all felt and heard the manifestation of another’s love language. We express how much we love and value those closest to us in countless ways. But what about that other type of relationship? Those we spend either 40+ hours a week working with or on behalf of.”

And, yes, sometimes maintaining those special relationships needs a little outside help … not that you did anything wrong, mind you.

Please see colleague Greg Vehr’s recent blog post titled “Crisis communications management: Things to remember.” He provides helpful tips for you to develop, protect and manage your hard-earned relationships with your mission-critical audiences.

Oh, and if the big day slipped your mind, we’ve got you covered. Check out our print-your-own valentines and our Spotify playlist.

At Vehr Communications, we prefer client relationships over client transactions. You could say it is because relationships require greater strategic awareness and skill. Or, that they are more meaningful and require a deeper commitment or a special passion to get it right.

What we have learned over the years is that relationships are just more fun. Please just enjoy this Valentine’s Day along with your friends at Vehr Communications.

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