Some buzzwords and popular phrases, while admittedly overused, aren’t going anywhere. People might be sick of hearing “artificial intelligence/AI” or “customer-centric,” but both terms seem to be hanging on just fine.

Other once-ubiquitous language has fallen into the dust heap — looking at you, “value-added,” “bring all the parties to the table” and “moved your cheese.”

Here are 10 words and phrases that I’d like to say scram to, once and for all, in 2024:

  1. “Stun/stuns”: Stun is a little word with huge implications. When you stun, you leave someone overwhelmed with awe, gobsmacked, filled with wonder. Everywhere I look, especially online, some actor has “stunned” audiences with her dress, or an Instagram influencer’s cooking hack “stuns” followers. Did they, though?
  2. “You’re on mute!”: Most of us have been using Zoom/Teams/etc. daily for at least four years. Mandatory clown nose for the violators.
  3. “New normal”: Another post-pandemic holdover. The “new normal” is now … you know, normal, so let’s give this one a rest.
  4. “Wrist injury”: OK, this one is just for Bengals fans. Can’t wait till Joey Brrr & Co. can say farewell to talk of season-ending ligaments.
  5. “Triggering”: Without a doubt, some circumstances, people and events do indeed trigger painful memories and strong emotions. But the bar on this one has really fallen. Was it really triggering that your favorite brand wasn’t on sale?
  6. “It is what it is …”: “… and what it is? Played out.”
  7. “Ping”: Still can’t get used to this one. Can’t we just say “text/email/DM/message me”?
  8. “This”: This perfectly good word has become an eye roll inducer. If I never again see another person drop a quote or photo or meme or video on their social media, accompanied only by the word “This,” it’ll be too soon.
  9. “Woke”: Misused, misunderstood, misdirected. This one is a miss.
  10. “Karen”: Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining …. I swear, I’m NOT complaining! On behalf of Karens everywhere who aren’t harassing people on the regular, I hope this one circles the drain. It’s had staying power, but I take heart from my friend Felicia, who has seen the “Bye, Felicia!” trend finally die off.