Internal Memo: North Pole Inc.
From the Desk of: Kringle, K., CEO
Dec. 14, 2023
Topic: 12-Day Plan for New Executive — Rudolph T.R.N. Reindeer

Rudolph, let me reiterate how jolly I am to have you in the new position of chief transit officer at North Pole Inc.

As you know, the organization is in a time of transition, and we are also headed into our busy season. So, it’s critical that you communicate clearly and effectively not only with the Transit Division but also with the entire North Pole Inc. team, including the divisions of Wrapping and Bedecking, Bakery and Sugar-Coatery, and Merriment and Hoopla.

Our Director of Information-Trumpeting, Holly Tinsel, has provided this brief 12-Day Plan to help you tackle your new role with aplomb. While new executives at many organizations follow a 100-Day Plan, here at North Pole Inc., time’s-a-wasting.

Day 1: Hit the ground running — or flying, as it were. (Hohoho, I just laughed so hard my stomach shook like a bowlful of jelly.) But seriously, do your best to instill confidence in your team from Day 1 and establish yourself as a mammal of action.

Day 2: Begin the learning process. Of course, I hope you did some research before joining our stable, but there’s so much more to discover. Prancer and Vixen, in particular, have useful insights into your division’s challenges and opportunities.

Day 3: Listen. I have no doubt we will benefit from hearing what you have to say — your cost-benefit analysis on misfit toys vs. standard-issue presents will be particularly illuminating — but I encourage you in your early days to prioritize listening, to peers, direct reports, customers and even doubters.

Day 4: Assess the team. I know you’re inheriting this sleigh-pulling team, but I hope you’ll find it satisfactory before you consider shaking things up.

Day 5: Get some early wins. Is there a reindeer labor complaint (too few vegetation breaks, perhaps) that you can tackle early to boost team morale and telegraph future success?

Day 6: Set expectations. No need to have all your KPIs and team objectives figured out yet, but it’s a good idea to clarify the mission and give the herd some manageable but stretch goals.

Day 7: Take a 360-degree view. The Transit Division has historically been insular. I encourage you to find common ground with other departments. I think you’ll find Hermey, a senior elf leader (and amateur dentist) a great help in building cross-departmental connections.

Day 8: Introduce yourself externally. A quick outreach to key North Pole Inc. vendors, partners and consultants can quickly soothe nerves. Some of our stakeholders, such as commodities broker Yukon Cornelius, can be particularly touchy about organizational change.

Day 9: Identify challengers. I’m just going to say it: Abominable Snowmonster Ltd. has been an operational threat for years. Your insights into how to communicate with this transit-busting organization would be appreciated.

Day 10: Share your thoughts. Perhaps contact the Polar Express news outlet and offer your thought leadership on the importance of playing to one’s strengths and ignoring critics.

Day 11: Build relationships. This is a relationship industry, Rudolph. We identify customers’ deepest wishes and fulfill them. We create merriment and gratitude both internally and externally. Your ability to connect and bond — modeled for you by your parents, Donner and Mrs. Donner — is one of the reasons you were chosen as chief transit officer.

Day 12: Aim high. North Pole Inc. is a precision operation with global reach, high expectations and aggressive deadlines. This is a big-risk, big-rewards business. I’m confident that you’re the big-goals leader we’ve been needing.

In conclusion: Rudolph, to sum up: You were hand-picked for this role because of your ability to shine, even under pressure. You’re a natural leader who can meet objectives and deliver against expectations, regardless of challenges. Also, according to the newest Transit Division employee, Clarice, you are “cute.”

I look forward to watching you grow — and glow — as a leader, and I stand open to considering your new ideas. Let’s make Christmas 2023 our best-performing corporate initiative to date.

All my best,

Kris Kringle, CEO