Holidays are a time for food, family and celebration. It’s also a time when giving is top of mind for many, thus making it an ideal time to highlight your company’s philanthropic efforts.

Here are a few dos and don’ts to consider as your company gets into the holiday spirit.

Make a morning or afternoon of it
Many nonprofits rely on the help of corporations during the holiday season. Allotting a few hours on a select date for team members to volunteer at a charity? Have t-shirts made with your company logo to create a sense of community among your team and provide an opportunity to generate visibility for your brand. Some nonprofits take pictures of their volunteer groups and share them on their social media channels. If that’s the case for you, be sure to interact with them from your company’s social media account.

Don’t forget to grab a few pictures (and maybe even Boomerangs) of your own during your volunteer activity and share them on your social media channels. Be sure to tag the organization you are supporting.

As for don’ts – volunteering is not exactly ideal for a traditional media pitch. Some nonprofits have countless volunteer groups each week. So, unless there’s something unique about your volunteer efforts (such as a major announcement of a large donation that coincides), hold your media pitches for something else.

Host a collection
Donated items can play a critical role in helping nonprofits serve the community. Hosting a drive can support those efforts – whether it’s collecting food, personal care items or clothes and winter coats. Coordinate with the nonprofit well in advance. Find out what they need the most and the best timing for their schedules. Remember, holidays tend to be an extra busy time for them. Planning in advance helps.

If you are inviting the public to participate in your drive, utilize signage, social media and email blasts to spread the word. Set goals and give updates on progress.

Many organizations will recognize your generosity through e-newsletters, print newsletters and social media. Look for such mentions and share, as appropriate, with your employees, customers and any other people who contributed.

Give of your treasures
Does your company allot charitable dollars in its annual budget? Consider making a monetary donation to the charity of your choice. Be mindful that it’s not always best to showcase your generosity. Give silently and let others recognize your efforts if they choose to do so.

Identifying a sponsorship opportunity
Many nonprofits host events or programs during the holiday season and seek sponsors to help fund the efforts. This is a great way to help a charity provide much-needed services to its customers while generating exposure for your brand. Sponsorship agreements typically spell out the partnership deliverables (such as your company’s logo on the nonprofit’s website, social media channels and collateral materials, along with potential media opportunities) so you will know what to expect.

No matter what you decide to do, holidays are all about giving back. Embrace the gift of giving this season and have a little fun with it along the way.