Brand Refresh and Acquisition Strategy

Xtek® is a premium manufacturer of custom machine parts and assemblies. While its roots lie in manufacturing gears for traction cars and applying its metallurgical techniques to heavy-duty equipment applications, the company has expanded its capabilities and global footprint in part to company acquisition. In 2020, Xtek realized it was quickly becoming a house of brands rather than a branded house, recognizing the companies that joined the Xtek family — especially its 2017 acquisition, Precision Machine Inc. — assimilated in varying degrees.

Vehr worked with leadership and key team members at Xtek and Precision Machine Inc. to audit the brands, integration efforts and corporate communications infrastructures. After careful consideration, Xtek and PMI acknowledged that for PMI to realize its potential for new market expansion, it must have a more descriptive and trademark-protected name. It also must be fully integrated with the Xtek brand for cross-selling opportunities. Understanding that PMI had a unique and beloved corporate culture, Vehr worked with the team to create a new name (Xtek Precision Maintenance®) that paid homage to the company while aligning with the Xtek brand. 

Vehr also developed a brand architecture for Xtek that incorporates Xtek Precision Maintenance as well as its other divisions and acquired companies into a cohesive family of logos. Vehr’s refresh of the corporate identity creates a scalable visual brand that gives each division a distinct look that still feels like part of one unified company. With the refresh, Xtek is adopting corporate brand guidelines for the first time, which will govern the design of collateral and additional brand acquisitions to ensure ongoing consistency in their communications. 

To help Xtek launch the new Xtek Precision Maintenance brand as well as integrate future company acquisitions, Vehr developed a detailed playbook.

Vehr has equipped Xtek with templates, guidelines and updated visuals that will enable them to scale their brand as their size and expertise grow with new acquisitions.