Vehr fully integrates paid, earned, shared and owned initiatives. Starting with a business goal in mind, we deliver campaigns that include employee and customer communications, media, digital, social media, advertising, collateral, special events and more.

case studies

Metro 50th Anniversary Commemoration2023-10-16T12:28:19-04:00
Metro Communications Planning & Implementation2023-10-09T12:08:48-04:00
Xtek Brand Refresh and Acquisition Strategy2022-01-20T09:42:29-05:00
Hixson Brand Refresh2020-11-17T10:01:19-05:00
Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) COVID-19 back-to-school campaign2020-09-04T19:25:16-04:00
Convergys Brand Acquisition Campaign Strategy and Development2023-10-03T23:15:37-04:00
Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) Recruitment Campaign (HS)2019-09-24T16:27:00-04:00
NKY Health Website Redesign2020-04-09T21:58:03-04:00
NKY Health New Brand Identity2023-10-03T23:20:20-04:00
FirstView® by First Student2018-12-21T10:36:26-05:00
Convergys Recruitment Campaign2020-04-09T21:57:49-04:00
Cirque du Soleil Media Relations and Promotions2023-10-05T11:15:32-04:00
Hixson Website Development2023-10-04T11:37:29-04:00