Maybe it’s because Sir Paul McCartney is coming to Cincinnati in July. Maybe it’s because I’ve been thinking about media relations a lot lately. Maybe it’s because, deep down, I’m a wannabe songwriter.

Or maybe I’m amazed.

Regardless of the reason, I wrote some media relations tips to the tune of Lennon/McCartney’s acclaimed song, Yesterday. (Cue the string orchestra, please.)


Coverage, everybody wants media
But not everything is newsworthy
Hosting a press conf’rence won’t change that

And another thing, when media are int’rested
You should make yourself available
Don’t pitch a story, then ignore questions

Local, impact and timeliness, prominence
Human interest, too, that’s what makes the news the news

Embargoes are not such easy games to play
You could make some reporters mad
If not handled properly

When you write a pitch, make it short and to the point
News releases aren’t dead but aren’t always needed

Coverage, everybody wants media
Your pitch should be relevant today
Nothing’s news from yesterday

Mm mm mm mm mm mm mm