Fast Park

New Market Grand Opening Plan

To herald Fast Park’s entry into the competitive Chicago market, Vehr embarked on a campaign to build brand recognition, encourage trial of the new parking facility and educate target audiences about amenities and loyalty perks.

Underpinning the entire campaign were the findings of robust primary and secondary research conducted by Vehr. This included an examination of the travel volume and airlines served by Midway International Airport; a competitive analysis to understand the local landscape and Fast Park’s differentiators; a facility tour and shuttle ride-along to MDW; and interviews with on-site staff to understand the guest experience and engagement opportunities.

Facing a complex market with nearly a dozen established competitors and almost no Fast Park name recognition, Vehr developed and executed a multi-pronged, multi-month grand opening plan. Components included:

  • Key messaging, collateral and educational materials.
  • Cross-promotion with a nearby Fast Park market with shared audience.
  • Inbound marketing efforts to promote loyalty program signups.
  • A multi-channel paid, earned, shared and owned communications strategy.
  • Grand opening promotions, giveaways and specials.
  • On-site tactics, such as sandwich boards and shuttle posters, that aligned with online efforts.

Fast Park Midway successfully entered the crowded Chicago market and quickly positioned itself as a leading offsite airport parking provider. The grand opening campaign blew past all key success measures: Social engagement surpassed goal by 21 percent while the campaign drove nearly 4,000 pageviews to the Fast Park website, enrolling 1,948 new members in Relax for Rewards — the company’s loyalty program — within just a couple months of operation. Within 18 months of opening, Fast Park Midway expanded its facility to accommodate even more travelers.