Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS)

Online Content Strategy

Cincinnati Public Schools (CPS) — a district of 35,500 students in 63 schools spread across 90 square miles — strives to consistently tell stories that depict the many ways the district prepares students for life by helping them achieve academic success., the district’s blog and “good news” source, already was an established communications platform when CPS engaged with Vehr, but it needed a refreshed inbound strategy. With Vehr’s help, was able to generate more content, drive more stakeholder traffic and, ultimately, increase readership by at least 20 percent.

Together, CPS and Vehr leveraged teachers, staff and volunteers — the heartbeat of district operations — to source, develop and publish 62 stories in the course of a year, 70% more stories than were published the previous year. Readership on increased by 53% from the previous year. Additionally, the stories were shared on the CPS Facebook page and drove engagement, with each averaging 129 likes, 18 shares and 11 comments.