You may be hard-pressed to talk to a live person when you call your cable company, but if you have the urge to talk to a Swede, a random (live!) one will pick up after a couple rings.

Yes, this is a thing, and it’s beautiful.

Sweden is following the trend (set by Iceland and Ireland) to bring a more human element to what may be considered a cold, stoical region of the world – in both temperature and temperament.

Brands are presented with countless opportunities to do the same, and smart ones have mobilized their employees and loyal customers to do so. Customer service teams are more responsive than ever on social media. Employees double as brand advocates (for example, search #lifeatkohls). Many companies are investing in more, and better, technology to take friction out of having a question answered or purchasing a product.

And sometimes, a simple phone number and a live person on the other end to answer is the human connection that’s needed to keep a brand real, genuine and fun.

What are some of the ways you can humanize your brand for better engagement and sparking new connections?