The Joe Burrow Foundation

Foundation Launch

Vehr Communications was proud to help “stand up” the Joe Burrow Foundation (JBF) and coordinate its successful launch in October 2022.

Beginning in spring 2022, Vehr worked closely with JBF’s executive director to prepare for the launch of this new nonprofit corporation. We knew a few things for certain: Joe Burrow was special (his Heisman Trophy acceptance speech referencing food insecurity caused a flurry of excitement and philanthropic gifts throughout rural Ohio); the organization could attract much attention and donations beyond sports fans and sports media; and the organization and its announcement needed to be at the level of professionalism expected of the leading quarterback in the NFL.

Vehr strategized the essential elements that would be needed to support a new foundation launch, including a website, photography, videos and social media along with local and national media engagement to spread the news.

Together with a digital partner, Vehr led the first phase of design and development of, the foundation’s website. Our team developed the content, including a launch video featuring Joe Burrow’s parents, Jimmy and Robin (Both serve in key leadership roles within the nonprofit.). In January 2023, we began Phase 2 website development to enhance the user experience, incorporate more visuals and content and build the JBF “Do Good” grant application process.

Vehr established and managed the foundation’s social media channels (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). We also managed all media relations, which included story development, pitching and interview coordination for its launch, an apparel competition between Joe Burrow fans from Greater Cincinnati and Baton Rouge (Greater Cincinnati won!), grants given to worthy individuals and organizations and a “Do Good” grant application process. 

Between October 2022 and March 2023, Vehr’s media relations efforts resulted in 589 print, online news and broadcast placements across local, national and trade media that reached nearly 700 million people. Social media followers grew steadily during this time under Vehr’s management: 35,402 Instagram followers, 5,993 Twitter followers and 4,098 Facebook followers. In addition, follower engagement on each post was significant and meaningful:

  • Facebook: 430 average engagements and 5.94% engagement rate
  • Instagram: 4,079 average engagements and 13.74% engagement rate
  • Twitter: 309 average engagements and 4.82% engagement rate