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Santa’s footprints

For most kids, the Christmas visit from the Big Guy is the top of the lose-your-mind mountain – something akin to a Spider-Man sighting, visit to Disney World and giant bowl of ice cream swirled into a frothing, glittery, confetti-popping freak-out.

Perhaps you wouldn’t want to ramp that annual hullabaloo up any higher, but for those who like to live on the tinseled edge, here’s a simple trick to deliver more joy. My husband and I did this every year that my daughter still believed in Santa, and it never failed to make her squeal with excitement.

With your little believers snoozing expectantly in bed, it’s time to get started:

  • Spread a thick layer of flour across a cookie sheet.
  • Grab a pair of large boots, of the approximate size and sort that Santa would wear (in other words, no high-heeled fashion boots or “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy” cowboy boots).
  • Dip the soles of each boot into the flour. Apply a thin layer of water first if you have trouble getting the “snow” to stick to the boots or floor.
  • With your hands inside the boots, “walk” them across the floor in the pattern that Santa would take when entering your house to deliver presents, leaving “snowy” footprints in your wake.
  • Continue dipping and “walking” the boots in Santa’s wake – from the fireplace or front door, over to the tree, around the tree to scatter the presents, then back to the fireplace or door to make his exit.

When the kids wake up, they’ll see these footprints – so fresh that Santa’s boots left snow behind. (The first year you try this, they might need a little education – “Whoa, Johnny, it looks like Santa LITERALLY! JUST! LEFT!!! We must’ve just missed him!” But the following year, they’ll know exactly what they’re looking at.)

Commend festive freak-out!

I suppose it goes without saying, but just in case: As this is bona fide North Pole snow, it never melts, which explains why it stays on your carpet or flooring until someone vacuums it up.

Submitted by:

Karen Bells
Senior Account Executive

Vehr Communications