Vehr holiday guide

cookie decorating with kids

Kids love holidays. Kids love cookies. So, let kids make holiday cookies. You will create timeless memories doing so.

Here are a few tips from a world-class, crafting grandma:

  • This is an ideal activity for kids under the age of 5.
  • All cookies should be baked in advance. Make them a little thicker than usual because little hands can break off delicate edges.
  • Get holiday cookie cutter shapes at Michaels (Target also carries them). Or, you can cut out several shapes (think Xmas tree, snowman, angels, etc.) in cardboard and cut around the edges.
  • The base icing should be made in advance.
  • Include the kids in mixing in the food coloring (Wilton food coloring from Michaels). It also helps kids to learn how to mix colors.

Holiday magic happens when the kids start decorating the iced cookies. You can get holiday themed cookie decorations at Michaels or Target. You probably only need 5-6 choices. They come in small bags: think gumdrops, candied holly, candied tree lights, etc. Have little bowls ready for each.

Don’t do it for them or tell them what to do. The fewer the rules, the better. And please don’t make a rule that they can’t eat the cookies or the decorations. It’s all part of the fun.

In exchange for wonderful memories and tasty holiday cookies, expect that your kitchen table or countertop will be a total mess and you’ll find cookie decorations on the kitchen floor for weeks. Don’t worry, each time you find something on the floor you’ll smile and remember how it got there.

Submitted by:

Nick Vehr
CEO | Executive Counselor

Vehr Communications