Suzanne Buzek

About Suzanne Buzek

Suzanne doesn’t know what it’s like to be bored, and does everything possible to keep it that way. She thrives on being able to huddle with a team and move quickly in the face of business realities while taking the time to brainstorm the Next Big Idea with a client. Prior to joining Vehr, Suzanne helped manage communications to support 1,000 national customers at Cintas. She developed toolkits to educate 30,000 employees; created sales presentations, branding campaigns, collateral materials and more; and managed the company’s agency partner relationships. Suzanne moonlights as VP of Marketing Communications for American Marketing Association Cincinnati. She lives in Northern Kentucky with no plans to give up her 513 area code (she is from Westwood, after all). You can find her enjoying the local music scene and trying to keep up with two book clubs—luckily one of them is more focused on sampling rosé than on actually finishing what they read.

Rock this trade show season: After show glow

We cover the essentials to ensure your organization will rock this trade show season before, during, and after those whirlwind days in the exhibition hall.

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When I was 22 and the client

When I was 22 and the client, I exhibited some behaviors that just didn’t help get things done. To everyone I worked with when I was 22: I’m sorry. Here are some simple, healthy-habit-inducing tips that have helped me grow out of the proverbial 22-year-old-client phase.

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I spent my lunch hour playing Pokemon GO. Here’s what happened…

Pokémon GO is the trendy new marketing tool.

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