Pepper Peale

About Pepper Peale

Pepper has nearly three decades of strategic communications experience, in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors. From internal communications to website content creation; from social media engagement to local, regional and national legacy media relations, she is an enthusiastic team member and a budget-conscious team leader. The spectrum of her client experience includes B2C and B2B, spanning tech, foodservice, hospitality, chemical, regional business development, special events, new product roll-outs and social services.

Pepper’s experience in identifying, targeting and engaging audiences is wide and deep. She also has international expertise in training and mentoring corporate spokespeople for investor meetings, presentations, media interviews and crisis communications.

Over her career, she has learned that just providing the work proficiently is not enough. Thoughtful planning to reach identified goals (on time and on budget) and the creation of targeted measurement matrices makes the work better and more meaningful.

New year’s resolution failure is still success

Frankly, we all resolve to do things better -- to act differently, to quit or to start anew -- no matter the time of year. But in early January, making -- and talking about -- our resolutions is de rigueur.

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Don’t know much about history … What I DO know is communication

Regardless of your politics, if you are a spokesperson and you must comment, you (or someone who works for you) needs to do SEVEN things well.

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Game theory: Do the math, United

How could United Airlines have handled this better in the moment? "Game theory" asserts that your “game” is only as good as how you deal with your opponent’s “game.”

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