About Mikayla Williams

Never a wallflower, Mikayla applies her creative energy and way with words to social media and content marketing campaigns. In addition, she supports many of our client teams through managing the details that keep projects moving in the right direction and creating exciting content. Mikayla is HubSpot Certified in Inbound Methodology and is Vehr’s resident Google Analytics expert. Outside of work, Mikayla is involved in HYPE Connections and can be found trying out local restaurants.

Mikayla is a Xavier University graduate with a degree in PR and minors in business and psychology. She started at Vehr as an intern, and after graduation she joined the team as an account coordinator. Prior to joining Vehr, she interned at Just Fabulous Inc., where she monitored social media, created media stylebooks and sent apparel samples to stylists and magazines across the country.

Vehr tip sheet: Partnering with social media influencers

Having trouble reaching a millennial audience? Here’s a hint: millennials love authenticity. This is where social media influencers, lifestyle media and vloggers come into play.

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Snapchat: Bringing brands and millennials together

Snapchat is the latest and greatest when it comes to reaching the highly sought after millennial.

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