Haley Fite

About Haley Fite

A dedicated and lifelong storyteller, Haley seeks to add a little bit of that “once upon a time…” magic to brands’ stories. With an eye for social media strategy and a knack for content marketing, Haley enjoys tackling any challenge thrown her way and putting her creative mind to the test. As the resident office tech geek, Haley stays on top of all the latest happenings in Silicon Valley and the tech industry the world over. She graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a degree in communication and a certificate in creative writing. Prior to joining our team at Vehr, Haley interned at the University of Cincinnati where she worked to create and share stories about the many individuals who have dedicated their careers to teaching and working at the university. When she’s not hunkered down in front of a keyboard, she enjoys taking in the latest exhibit at one of the many art museums in Cincinnati or picking up a new read from the shelves of Barnes & Noble.

Elon Musk, public backlash and the art of taking it on the chin

With several successful businesses, an environmentalist’s mission and a few billion dollars in the bank, openly doubting and questioning Musk is rarely done. Until now.

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Artificial intelligence (AI): Marketing friend or foe?

A recent presentation by our intern, Haley Fite, gave us a peek at the expanding role of artificial intelligence (AI) in marketing, here’s a recap of what she had to say.

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