What Snapchat’s latest update means for brands

Vehr Communications
By Vehr Communications
February 14th, 2018

A week ago, Snapchat allowed users to follow celebrity influencers who’s stories would be mixed in with the users’ friends and family posts. Now, all content from friends and family is completely separate from the content of celebrities, influencers and brands.

While millions of tweens and teens are freaking out over the update, it may be a new opportunity for brands.

Here are some key learnings from the update:

  • Brands won’t have easy access to users’ feeds: It may affect overall reach, but brands will still be able to show promoted ads between organic (or friends and family) posts.
  • Engaging with users and followers is more important than ever: “Brands are forced to look at their community management strategies and decide how to engage with their fans moving forward,” according to Alec Piliafas from 360i blog.
  • Influencers are key: Snapchat is introducing verified influencers, much like Twitter, identifying users with the revered blue check. What does this mean? Snapchat has noticed that authenticity goes a long way with their audience and is giving brands a premium channel to reach them. Influencers can make big money creating content and sharing it with their followers, and brands can reach their target audiences with ease.

To learn more about the Snapchat update and the backlash it’s receiving, read this article from Variety. And remember, even if the Snapchat update is reversed, engaging with users and putting an emphasis on influencers are still good practices.

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