6 social media advertising tips for holiday campaigns

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By Vehr Communications
November 3rd, 2017

If you belong to the camp of people who hate seeing Christmas decorations out on November 1, you may want to click away and come back to this blog post in a few weeks.

Ah, now that you’ve returned (we hope you had a splendid Halloween!), ‘tis the season for a few holiday advertising tips.

First, let’s establish one thing: Are you actually trying to sell a few more products before the end of the year, or are you just hoping to leverage the holidays to reach your audience in a meaningful way?

Buy me, buy me, buy me

If you are hoping to increase sales revenue during the final weeks of the year, here are a few tips that will help your products soar to the top of newsfeeds everywhere:

Give away a few prizes and/or offer discount codes to your social followers. A fun way to do this might be to count down the days to Christmas with a different promotion each day. Day one? Take 50 percent off one item. Day two? Give away a gift card. And so on.

Capitalize on weekday (and early) shoppers. Typically, shoppers visit eCommerce sites on the weekends, but during the holiday season, all bets are off. Make sure you incentivize shoppers who are trying to cross off a few people from their list on a Tuesday. Nielsen’s 2015 research also indicated that shoppers are starting to shop as early as September, so you’re no longer confined to Black Friday and beyond.

Be prepared for rising advertising costs. No surprise here – you’re not the only advertiser looking to get into the game. The cost to reach the same number of people will likely rise compared to other seasons. That’s OK – your profits will also rise. But, you should make sure your budget allows for the extra spend.

Feel the love

Are you trying to stay relevant among all the other promotional holiday content? Here are a few tips that will keep your brand’s content top of mind:

Ask fans to share their favorite holiday photos, traditions or recipes. Engaging with your community in a more intimate, human fashion will help break through the noise. Fans will recognize that your company respects and celebrates many traditions, and values the ones honored by their fan base.

Showcase charitable activities. While it may seem a bit opportunistic, the holidays are a great time for your own employees to get out and share some love with your community. You don’t have to promote these social media posts. Sharing a few photos and thanking the organization that you volunteered for will go a long way.

Be useful. Fans will likely not care about another Santa Claus image cluttering their newsfeed, but if you can provide information on holiday stress, budgeting, cooking for guests or how to find the perfect gift, your fans will be eternally grateful.

Good luck and happy holidays!




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