Repairing reputations with humor this Father’s Day

Mikayla Williams
By Mikayla Williams
June 20th, 2017

With Father’s Day this past weekend, dads are on everybody’s mind. One dad in particular has been stirring the pot in the sports media world for the last few months: former NFL player LaVar Ball.

Ball has become a sports media pariah, but not without cause. He has made his opinion known about everyone from Steph Curry to LeBron James and their families.

Trash talking another player is one thing, but going after his family? Not okay. James stood up for his and told Ball to “keep my family out of your mouth.”

Ball is known for promoting his sons Lonzo, LaMelo and LiAngelo, trading in his helmet for a marketing hat. Lonzo has his own brand of basketball shoes selling for $495 starting in November.

With the momentum of their family drama in full swing, Lonzo partnered with De’Aaron Fox, Jayson Tatum, Jonathan Isaac and Foot Locker for a clever ad for Father’s Day set to air during the NBA draft on June 22.

With all the bad press the Ball family has received lately, this clever ad has been getting positive reviews and has been applauded for allowing the Ball family to laugh at themselves instead of trash talking another family.

A good PR move? Definitely, and here’s why:

  1. The Ball family flipped the script and spoke about themselves in a fun and lighthearted manner.
  2. Lonzo humanized his father by telling the audience things they may not already know about him.
  3. The family used their momentum in conjunction with a holiday to bring a smile to audience’s faces and makes us want to root for their success, rather than their downfall.

Even when you have been the “sports media supervillain,” a little humor can go a long way to repair the damage.

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