Insights: 2016 Cincy PRSA Media Day

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October 6th, 2016

Vehrites Sarah Sampson, Suzi Buzek and Darcy Schwass attended Media Day, an annual conference hosted by the Cincinnati chapter of the Public Relations Society of America, this week. The all-day event was filled with advice from members of the media (traditional and non) as well as learnings from experts in our field.

Here are Media Day takeaways from Sarah, Suzi and Darcy:


  • “Print is still vibrant” – as said by Peter Bhatia, editor and VP of audience engagement, Enquirer Media.
  • The media do see PR pros as resources and want to build relationships. They’re more inclined to read your email if they know and trust you.
  • FC Cincinnati was developed from a solid plan and has grown mostly through word-of-mouth/grassroots campaigns – as most soccer teams do. The sport is different in that it relies on its supporters to be ambassadors for the team.
    • Every little piece of the logo is there for a reason; there was a tremendous amount of thought behind the team colors.
  • Even with a crisis plan, the unthinkable may happen. And the National Corvette Museum knows a thing or two about crises.
    • While the sink hole was a tragedy (and a freak accident!), it has become a major reason why people visit, and the museum’s annual number of visitors continues to increase – they knew how to leverage the buzz surrounding the incident.


  • Many TV newsrooms have a shared phone system, so leaving a voicemail isn’t a good strategy to reach your contacts. Email is best.
  • Always be mindful of breaking news. Avoid any outreach to reporters during that time.
  • When sending assets with your email to a reporter, use links whenever possible (as opposed to an attachment). When you do send an attachment, make sure it’s not too big.


  • Media (and PR folks) are still trying to navigate the management of sponsored posts to ensure they’re as transparent as possible.
  • Did a media outlet cover you online? Use your social media channels to link to the coverage and boost your post. Then tell them you did it! They will appreciate that you’re using your own resources to drive traffic to their site. One way to look at this is: they helped you; you’re helping them.
  • Some TV media are using Facebook Live after interview segments. This allows for audience Q&A with the interviewee and extends the exposure. Pitch this as an idea when you’re trying to secure that interview on the morning show!
  • When you send photos to a media outlet, include a sentence that states that they have complete rights and clearances to use that image. (If you worked with and/or hired a photographer to take those photos, make sure you have the right to use those photos to grant that permission to media in the first place!)
  • Can’t provide compensation to an influencer (blogger)? Offer them a truly unique experience instead. And remember, relationships with influencers are key.


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