Communications lessons from the Masters

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By Vehr Communications
April 11th, 2016

I like to play golf. I am not very good (but that is irrelevant to this post). When I started playing, not only were there rules and skills to learn, there was actually a different language to master.  So, in honor of being bilingual, here are some notes from yesterday in Golf and translated into English for the non-golfers.

Golf: Danny Willett wins the green jacket (stage whispered).

English: Willet wins a really big, important golf tournament called The Masters.

Golf: Danny is English and this is his first win at Augusta.

English: Danny won a really important annual tournament at a beautiful (and notoriously snooty) golf club in Augusta, Georgia.

Note: Americans like it when Americans win tournaments on home turf. OR at least, we like it when guys from “central casting” named Rory come from the British Isles. Not usually just one. So cue the Sunday afternoon yawn that is the final day of the tournament.

Now while Danny was doing what he was born to do and fast-becoming a household name, his brother was breaking Twitter. He was tweeting in real-time all that was happening (or not happening) in the fairways or on the greens, from his home in England.

Now, why is this relevant to a communications agency? P.J. Willett reiterated to me a good communications lesson on the final Sunday at Augusta. That lesson is: Don’t forget that while Twitter is a really good way to get news out, it’s an even better way to have fun and entertain people. Sometimes you can even do both.

P.J. cursed and begged. He made good-natured fun of Danny’s competitors. He gave his brother credit but also teased him. He made the whole yawn-experience a lot more entertaining.

So, here’s a little (unsolicited) communications advice to the PGA leadership at Augusta: Hire P.J. or someone like him to engage more widely. Don’t just tell us the facts. Show some enthusiasm and have a little fun on social media and beyond (golf clap).


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