Welcome Suzanne Buzek, VC’s new account manager

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By Vehr Communications
February 25th, 2016

Please join us in offering a warm welcome to our new team member, Suzanne Buzek. We’re very excited to welcome Suzanne to our growing team.

Get to know Suzanne, in her own words, below:

What are some your favorite activities outside of work?

I like to spend my evenings and weekends catching up with friends, learning some new defense techniques at my local Krav Maga studio, getting in a run or reading. I host bar trivia on Wednesday nights at Mecklenburg Gardens (shameless plug: fun for all, prizes for few!). You can bump into me at some of Cincinnati’s music festivals or out on a hiking trail in especially agreeable weather. I’m an aunt to a spunky niece and a delightful nephew, who only listen to vinyl, so I like to kick it with those hipsters sometimes, too.

Define PR in your own words.

PR is an invaluable function of how a company can tell their story. Having made my early professional experiences in corporate marketing, I’ve always made a point to befriend PR and not see them as something “separate.” I am so happy to see that attitude very apparent in the VC team.

What is the most recent book you’ve read?

I just finished Amy Poehler’s Yes Please. Very lighthearted and I got some inspiration out of it, too!

What media outlets do you follow on a regular basis? Why those ones?

theSkimm and The Broadsheet are my morning routine essentials. NPR and BBC, because, responsible news. Reddit because crowd-sourced content is a fascinating lesson in modern-day human nature (for me).

Have any cause marketing initiatives/PR campaigns/crisis management campaigns caught your eye lately?

It amazes me to see informal “campaigns” and movements sprout organically from engaged and active communities of people. It’s so neat to see how with the accessibility of public voices and opinions via social media and technology (to paraphrase Margaret Mead) a group of thoughtful, committed people can unite and change the world.

I’ve also been impressed with companies that have been able to combine their message and product seamlessly (Toms, 1:Face Watch, Warby Parker).

Please be sure to check out Suzanne’s bio here.


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