Twitter up to 10,000 characters … 

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By Vehr Communications
January 6th, 2016

… Who cares when there’s no limit to the spoken word?

I heard on the radio yesterday morning that it’s possible that Twitter may change – allowing users to tweet up to 10,000 characters.  So what? Talking still beats tweeting in my book. And here’s why: A sometimes client and (dare I say?) friend named Beth called me yesterday.  Yes. CALLED me. On. The. Phone. And to my office landline, no less!

As we’ve regularly worked together before, I expected that she might need a project completed, but was pleasantly surprised with the reasons for her outreach.

After our requisite “how were your holidays?” she got to why she called.  She told me that she had made two New Year’s resolutions. One was to call people more. Not email, text, tweet, message, etc., but to pick up the phone and dial so she could TALK to them. I was stunned. Back to the spoken work? How could this be? “And then,” she continued, “I resolved to meet up for lunch more frequently with people I enjoy – for no reason other than to be together.” Double-stunned.

I told her how flattered I was. I told her that I loved these two resolutions and would be readily stealing them as my own. And then I got out my calendar and we scheduled that lunch for later this month. No back and forth messaging. No sending (and re-sending) Outlook invites. Just two people talking to each other to get together. Speaking to another human to meet? Amazing.

And to those of you who will argue that this kind of thing “just takes too long,” the whole exchange took less than 4 minutes total. And I now have something fun on my schedule to look forward to.

So, Beth, thanks for the call.  You made my week.

And for all of you who are reading this on your phone or a tablet or a screen at your desk while you eat lunch, go ahead and dial.

Keep your 140 characters. I’ve got lunch plans.


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