The millennial, mobile mom

Lindsay Horan
By Lindsay Horan
February 13th, 2015

It’s hardly revelatory to state that millennials are the most technologically-driven generation yet. We’ve grown up online, and are used to 24/7 access to our technology. As our generation matures, those around us scramble to adjust to our tech-centric mentality, and advertisers yearn for our attention.

What is surprising are some of the findings from a new study from the Interactive Advertising Bureau and Baby Center regarding millennial moms. The study, “2015 State of Modern Motherhood: Mobile and Media in the Lives of Moms,” was published this month. (Read the complete findings here, and a great summary of the findings here.)

One very important key takeaway from the study: U.S. millennial moms spend 35 percent more time online on a smartphone than on their PC/laptop.

Worldwide, 8 in 10 births are to millennials and we’re more likely to work than our mothers. There are an awful lot of us millennial moms, and we are busy. Convenience is essential. One in 4 millennial moms do half or more of their shopping online. Even when we do venture out to stores, 8 in 10 of us use our smartphones in store to search for coupons, check competitor prices or read reviews. More moms own smartphones and we’re spending more time with media overall because of mobile.

What does this mean? “If marketers take one key data point away from this study, it needs to be that mobile is a must in their marketing mix if they want to reach today’s mom,” said Julie Michaelson, vice president of sales at BabyCenter, San Francisco.

So there you have it. We’ve known that millennials are the tech generation, but the findings of this study drive home the point that for millennial moms, flexibility and on-the-go access is crucial. As a new mom who uses her smartphone for everything from ordering diapers (I love you, Amazon Prime) to reading the news to perusing parent message boards, I can personally attest to the accuracy of these findings. If you’re trying to reach the millennial generation, mobile is where it’s at. Trust me. Moms always know best.


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