Dove recently posted a video to Facebook showing a black woman taking of her top, revealing a white woman who then took off her top to reveal another woman of another ethnicity.

Watch this video from “Inside Edition” to see the ad:

It seems like just yesterday I was writing a blog post about how Dove missed the mark with another advertising campaign.

After keeping an eye on Dove’s advertising for a while now, I know they have a clear theme: inclusivity. Through the company’s ads, Dove tries to communicate that their products are great for customers of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities. But, do they go too far in their endeavor?

The social media world is split. Some say Dove’s most recent ad is racially insensitive and a disaster, while others herald it as being inclusive. Just look at the Facebook comments below:

Whatever opinion you hold, Dove handled the criticism well. They took the ad down and made two strong apology statements admitting that they “missed the mark.”

What matters now is how Dove moves forward, and I for one, will definitely be watching.