While many people have stayed loyal to one of the greatest TV shows in history, some have jumped ship. Here are 3 PR lessons you can learn from those who couldn’t take anymore of Westeros and Daenerys’s dragons.

Keep messaging consistent

There are a fair number of fans who stuck through the execution of Ned Stark and the gruesome Red Wedding, only to stop watching when the show split into 12 different story lines (yes, I know this is an exaggeration). With so many new characters being introduced in various story lines, Game of Thrones became too complex for some.

As a PR pro, that is the last thing you want your messaging to be, complex. You need your messaging to get through to your audience, so keep it simple and consistent to keep them on your side.

Your fans can make or break you

A few people stopped watching the show because the fans were so obnoxious (yes, I take offense to that statement). A few fans may take it too far, like one teacher in Belgium who punished his students with GoT spoilers. The worst fans though, are not the ones who accidently give out a few spoilers, or are a little too into the show. They are the ones who quit after their favorite character *cough Khal Drogo cough* dies and do nothing but bash the author of the books, George R. R. Martin.

The lesson: keep an eye on your fans, especially on social media. It takes one bad customer service experience or one bad review to turn fans into enemies. Keep an open dialogue, address concerns quickly and accurately, and hopefully your fans will appreciate the communications efforts enough to not start a war.

Know that your content is not meant for everybody

Some people just never get into GoT because sci-fi and fantasy are just not what they are interested in. Some people love comedies, and some love a good drama without all of the goriness, and that’s nobody’s fault.

In our industry, it is important to remember that not all of our content is going to be interesting to everyone. And not everything we think is exciting, is considered news to the media. It’s nobody’s fault, it’s just the way the world works.

Now consider these tips, sharpen your dragon glass and kill some white walkers (seriously, winter is here).