Vehr_SoulCycleSoulCycle. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or if you live in a city with a SoulCycle studio or not. You’ve heard of this major brand.

How is it that a company that started as one studio in Manhattan grew into a serious fitness chain across the country in a fickle and ever changing industry?

CEO Melanie Whelan recently wrote an article about how she expanded SoulCycle into the beast it is today. A cycling fiend myself, I decided to take her advice and use it to help myself, er, I mean marketing professionals everywhere, when creating a brand website.

Build an experience: When people go to a website, they want to be enthralled. They want to be drawn in and stay for a while. What you don’t want: people coming to the website for three seconds and leaving. That’s why you need to make the website an experience. From the homepage to the contact page, draw in your target consumer and keep them engaged. How will you know if they’re engaged?

Our greatest asset: Measurement, measurement, measurement. I cannot stress this enough. Measurement is the key to success. You will know if your audience is engaged if they stay on your page and surf around reading your various blogs and case studies. Analytics will also help you determine if something on your page isn’t working, or not drawing the attention of the consumer.

What makes us unique: What makes your website unique? Is it interactive? Do you have sing-a-longs on one page? Figure out what makes your brand unique and weave it into the website. If that’s a blog, create new content consistently and constantly to keep engaging your consumers. Switch up the basic layout for something innovative. If it doesn’t work, those analytics will tell you, and you can usually change it.

Location, location: Three words: Search engine optimization. You want people to find your website and one bona fide way to do that is to increase your SEO. You can do this by publishing relevant and timely content, using tags and linking to other credible sites to bring credibility to yours.

Extending our brand: You have to go beyond the website if you really want the brand to take off. The site should be connected to social media, which should lead back to and promote the blog, which should link credible sites to increase the website’s SEO. It’s a cycle. (Get it?)

We’re not a fad: Keep it up. Don’t think that just because you have finished a website that you’re done. Your work is far from over. Keep adjusting to make your website an experience and monitor what your consumers do and don’t like. Take a risk every once in a while.

Follow these simple tips, and your brand will have a successful website. So, put on your shoes, stretch out those fingers, and get to work.