Over the weekend yet another airline had a video go viral for all the wrong reasons. The video shows the aftermath of a woman getting hit with a stroller while holding her child.

Now, a company as big as, say, United or American Airlines cannot always control what their employees do. But, they can control how they respond in a crisis.

Here’s what American Airlines got right:

  • Quick response. American Airlines quickly responded and didn’t leave room for anyone else to speak for them.
  • Genuine apology. The airline actually apologized to the passenger. This was a mistake United made (they didn’t apologize to the wronged passenger in their original statement).
  • Strong statement. The statement is well-written and contains an apology, opens an investigation and denounces the actions by the flight attendant.

These are all things United missed in their communications after the crisis two weeks ago on the flight from Chicago to Louisville.

Maybe American Airlines learned from United’s mistakes. Maybe they have a great PR team. Either way, they handled their crisis quickly and professionally, making them the standard for how an airline should respond to a crisis.

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