We’re celebrating our 10th anniversary. It would be quaint to say that it is hard to believe. In truth, believing is what made it possible for us in the first place.Vehr Communications_New logo

As I look back and think about where we’ve been, I realize how much has changed in ten short years. And, so have we.

Our DNA will always value solid strategy, comprehensive planning and breakthrough content to help our clients succeed. We have evolved into a fully integrated agency that now also boldly creates on behalf of our clients.

We think, create and engage as an agency. Put differently, we are experts in brand strategy, brand content and brand communications. You’ll see this focus on our new website.

You’ll also see it in the introduction of our new brand, and particularly our new logo which we are introducing now as we celebrate ten years of success and growth and turn our attention to the next ten years.

We’ve dropped the word “communications” from our logo. Instead, we reflect the process of communicating with a stylized speech bubble. The new mark speaks to the importance of interaction and relationships.

The negative space “V” connects what we do: think (brand strategy), create (brand content) and engage (brand communications). The logo colors are bold, but not too much so. The combination of the mark and the word “Vehr” are more representative of an integrated agency.

Our new logo is much more than colors, shapes and words. It reflects our expanded approach as a business and speaks to a future informed by where we have been.

I am especially proud of where we have been.

Year-over-year growth for a decade is something in which we all place great pride. Ours is a business built on the shoulders of smart, creative, hard-working, intelligent people. It is also a business about relationships, whether with each other, with our clients or between our clients and the people who matter most to the future of their business or organization.

I am convinced that if we keep this at the forefront, we’re in for another great decade of success.