The 2016 election has been like no other in terms of the strategic use of communications to win the hearts and mind of voters. We’ve reflected on the past year and are sharing what we feel are the most important communications lessons that apply to all leaders – and humans in general.

  • Don’t give away more than you have — or are willing — to lose.
  •  The best messages are relatable and conversational.
  •  Never “wing it.” There is no substitute for preparation and no excuses for an “Aleppo moment.”
  •  A leader’s actions speak louder than his or her words.
  • Trust cannot happen without complete transparency.
  • Uncover the insight behind the message … Seeming outsiders received a big lift in this year’s contests because they fundamentally spoke to the insight rather than simply rely on catchy and provocative but standard election-year messaging.
  • Be proactive. Know what’s coming down the pipeline.
  •  Respect everybody.

Please, remember to vote. We see this fundamental right as more of an obligation, especially when it’s difficult and hard to choose. It is at the core of our democracy so please be sure to vote on or before November 8.