I’m just coming up on my three-month work anniversary, a “workiversary.” You may not think it’s a big deal, but trust me, it is. I have been out of college and working a full-time, big-girl job for three months, something not every college graduate has the chance to do right after graduation.

Over the past 90 days, I have learned so many things about the real world, and I thought I should share them with you:

  1. I learned that mistakes are inevitable. You will make typos and send an email to the wrong person. Just know that it’s OK. You’re a little green and you have a long way to go before you are an expert in anything. Just remember: Don’t let the mistakes get you down. Learn what you can and move on.
  2. You won’t get responsibility right away. Like I said, you’re a little green and it may take a bit before people really trust you to work on things. That’s OK too. Keep doing what you know how to do and you will get more responsibility. You’re great, so give others time to see that you are capable.
  3. You will probably have some down time, but don’t just sit around while you are waiting for more responsibility. Watch webinars, get certified in something like Google Analytics or HubSpot, write and stay up-to-date on industry trends. Whatever you do, keep learning, and keep busy.
  4. Communication is key. Yes, I work in communications so I feel like this is obvious, but it’s important. If you don’t know what you are doing, ask for help. That’s good communication. No one expects you to know everything, so don’t be shy. Let people criticize your work. How else are you going to learn? Keep in touch with old friends. It’s important to build a network and keep your close connections.

As a recent grad, starting this job was a little intimidating. Going into work every day at the same time was a shock to the body (getting up at noon is much different than getting up at 7), but the people at the office are all brilliant and I learn something new from them every day. That’s also the reason there is no place I’d rather be. Here’s to the next 90 days.